Baby New Year

There is a superstition out there that says whatever you are doing exactly at midnight as the new year begins sets the tone for your next 365 days. We’ll, I am glad Kellie and I aren’t superstitious because if we were this would be known as “The Year of the Contraction” for us. 🙂

Around 3:30pm on December 31st Kellie started feeling contractions so we knew the baby was coming soon, possibly before the year ended. My dreams of an additional tax credit for 2010 were still alive!

We headed to the hospital around 9:30pm and contractions started becoming more intense with each passing one. Around 11:30pm we turned on the TV to watch Dick Clark’s New Years Rockin’ Eve to kill time between contractions. Seconds before midnight Kellie began another major contraction so as we went from 2010 to 2011, Kellie was not exactly singing Auld Lang Syne.

At some point during the night a Bible verse went through my mind. The apostle Paul – whom I want to point out is a male – wrote: My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you…” (Gal. 4:19). That is a POWERFUL word picture. I am sure Kellie would have wanted to punch Paul right in his face for writing that as she was pushing, but I digress. Easy for you to say Paul!

As the baby was born we weren’t sure if it was going to be a boy or a girl. So as our doctor delivered the baby he handed her to me and I got to announce to Kellie, “It’s a baby girl!” Elizabeth Juliet was born at 1:38am , weighing 7 lbs. 12 ounces, 20 inches long. And we’ll never forget her birthday – 1-1-11.

The extra neat ending to the story is it turns out she was “Baby New Year – Metro Detroit” — the first baby born in the new year in our area. Her story got printed in the Detroit Free Press, the Oakland Press, and Kellie even did an interview live on the air on AM950 WWJ.

About Dan Kopp

In 2010 Dan and Kellie felt the call by God to plant a church somewhere in Macomb County, Michigan. Several months later The Eastside Vineyard Church launched and currently meets inside Shelby Jr. High in Shelby Township. This blog began in the pre-launch phase of the church and has exceeded 50,000 hits. Thanks for reading!
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10 Responses to Baby New Year

  1. Nancy Hoskins says:

    How wonderful 3 girls!!! I am in the middle of 3 girls, so let me say how blessed your girls are, it will always be very special for them…and you parents toooooooooo! God bless her.

  2. kim says:

    What an awesome story! Baby Elizabeth is SO beautiful.

  3. Donetta says:

    She’s beautiful & born at exactly the right time! New year, new baby, new church. We could even look at this as prophetic. Just as a baby gets birthed & grows, so will the ministry of Eastside Vineyard! Labor, huge investment of time, energy & resoources, but…WOW….it’s going to be sooooo worth it. 🙂 A beautiful work of God.

    By the way, I hope the hospitals gave you lots of free stuff for Elizabeth being the First Baby of 2011, did they?

    • Dan Kopp says:

      Hey Donetta – yes, we were *hoping* for loads of free stuff as well. I had dreams of getting a lifetime supply of free diapers from Toys R Us, a full-ride scholarship to college, outfits, bottles, stuff, stuff, stuff. Instead we got nothing. Well, almost nothing. The hospital did give us a box of free food from the cafeteria – a few bagels, an orange, a brownie, and an apple. Oh well.

  4. John & Kathy says:

    Congratulations to the entire Kopp family! We are celebrating with you! Wishing you God’s richest blessings in this new year and always.

  5. Troy says:

    Congratulations Dan and Kellie! What a beautiful little girl!

  6. Judy Baumhauer says:

    Congratulations to the Kopp family. She is beautiful and love her name. We heard rumors at church on Sunday morning from Bob and Nola. They were showing us photos of “Charlie”. I pray that Kellie and Elizabeth are doing well, as are the rest of the family. By this time they must be home. Does she look like either of your other daughters when they were born? God bless all of you and “boy” are you outnumbered. We love you all and hope to see you soon.

  7. Pam Marshall says:

    Absolutely awesome!!! Great word picture of the evening!!

  8. Suz says:

    Congratulations… May God continue to bless you and your family!! Elizabeth Juliet is precious!! Happy New Year =D

  9. Deborah McFlls says:

    Congratulations Dan & Kellie! What a beautiful addition to your family. Many blessings for a wonderful 2011 for our ministry & your family!

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